Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance

Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance

An Alliance Against Money Laundering

Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance


Welcome to the Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance web site. Please use this site to learn about the Alliance and to find information important to investigators, analysts, prosecutors, and businesses interested in improving the Southwest Border region’s defenses against money laundering and the criminal organizations that money laundering empowers. You will find tabs directing you to information relating to applications for Alliance Initiatives and Awards, Resources, Training, Current Issues, and Partnerships involving commerce and law enforcement in the United States and Mexico. We have also provided some links to information sources that collect useful information.

You can go directly to the home page of any Alliance member agency’s web site by clicking on that member agency’s logo above. You can return to this SWBAMLA home page from any other page of this site by clicking on the SWBAMLA logo on any page.

The Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance Staff monitors current developments of interest to investigative, analytical, and legal professionals addressing money laundering in the Southwest Border Area.

Law enforcement officers, analysts, and prosecutors may get access to more detailed information about the Alliance grant initiatives, training, and resources by filling out the information in the form found here Request log in password and on the “Contact Us” tab and sending a letterhead letter from your agency identifying you as such. You will get password access to these areas of the site after verification of your information.  Please note that providing false information to gain access to a computer network is a felony and that the Alliance takes its obligation to protect law enforcement information from improper access very seriously.

Our Mission in the Southwest

The Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance’s mission is to:

  1. Disrupt criminal organizations that engage in cross border violence.
  2. Disrupt the movement of money and weapons that flow across the southwest border into Mexico.
  3. Develop a Southwest Border Area information sharing network.
  4. Provide training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and private sector partners regarding money laundering.
  5. Support multi-jurisdictional domestic and international money laundering investigations.

Border Region AML News

Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance

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