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Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance

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Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance


The Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance Staff monitors current developments of interest to investigative, analytical, and legal professionals addressing money laundering in the Southwest Border Area.  The Staff also collects developments of interest to businesses doing business in and through the region.  The Staff has collected some of those developments here for your information.

One overarching issue is how Mexican citizens will unify to reject the shadow government of organized crime.  Such unification of public action often crystalizes around events or individuals that take on emotional significance.  Many Mexicans have found such a hero in Don Alejo Garza Tamez, or Don Alejo, a 77-year-old businessman who had retired to Tamaulipas from Monterrey.  In November, 2010 Zeta gunmen went to Garza’s ranch and told him they would take possession of it in 24 hours.  He sent his workers home and gave them the next day off.  Evidence found by the Marines who later investigated indicated that he then prepared for a siege, positioning weapons at the windows and doors of his house. He was an experienced hunter from a rural upbringing.  When the Zetas arrived in multiple trucks to take his ranch, he refused to turn it over.  The gun battle was on.  He killed four of them and wounded two others before they killed him in a barrage of automatic weapon fire and grenades.  His “Last Hunt” has been immortalized in a corrido on YouTube:

For the thugs he was prepared,

They came to intimidate him,

He answered them with bullets.

From his noble trench,

He took down four,

It was his life and his ranch,

It was a question of honor.…

Mexican Marines Reconstruct Death of Don Alejo Garza. This page is dedicated to his bravery and to the hope that it will stand as an enduring symbol of popular resistance to the rule of brute force in Mexico.

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